“Bagel Snob” Reviews New Chelsea Lunch Spot


Austin McBride

Ark Bagels on 16th and 8th

Julia Hendler, News Editor

For years, the Museum halls rang with cries for a neighborhood bagel store. With the nearby lunch spots quickly exhausted, Ark Bagels answered our prayers and had its grand opening last week.

I would consider myself a “bagel snob.” Growing up on fresh Ess-A-Bagels (and an arguably more important factor—from a Jewish family), my standards for the yeasty deliciousness have risen high.

It’s true that some flock to Chelsea Market for a grossly underwhelming and overpriced Amy’s Bread bagel or even Dunkin (nothing to say about that), but in the words of junior Annie Layne, “There was nowhere to get a good bagel around here!”

Last week, I tried Ark Bagels for myself. I ordered everything with tuna fish (don’t judge), which was everything I could have hoped for.

The bagel itself was moist and chewy with a hard exterior. Not exactly crunchy, but also far from soft. I usually like the crisp outside and fluffy inside, so this sufficed.

The tuna fish was perfect. The veggies were crisp, and the mayo-to-fish ratio was immaculate. With cream cheese ranging from sweet to savory, and a generous number of salads, you could try something new every day of the week!

But, what I enjoyed most of all was the quick service. At 11:30 on a weekday, the store was packed with students, but I had my bagel in hand within a few minutes. They also had various drinks, fresh fruits, yogurts, and pastries to snack on.

Would I recommend Ark Bagels? Yes! While I have nothing particularly negative to say, I would not compare it to the NY greats like Ess-A-Bagel, Tal Bagels, or even Tompkin Square. However, if you find yourself in dire need of a bagel, Ark Bagels is the place to go.