Museum School Community Saves Lives: Red Cross Club Organizes a Successful Blood Drive


Julia Hendler, News Editor

Students, faculty, and Chelsea community members gathered in the auditorium on Monday, April 3, to donate blood to the New York Blood Center. The Museum School Chapter of the American Red Cross hosted its second annual blood drive and welcomed over 50 donors. 

New York Blood Center Representative Seth Moren said, “This was definitely a successful blood drive. There has been non-stop traffic since we started, and with about 50 donors, we can save around 50 lives.” The New York Blood Center will distribute the blood to hospitals across the city.

The Red Cross Club hosts various drives throughout the year, notably last month’s Period Poverty Fundraiser. Club President Anita Uddin said, “It’s really nice to see the school community support the blood drive. Last year we had a way smaller turnout, and this year we reached capacity. It’s just really exciting, and we are happy to help save lives.” 

The Red Cross Club promoted the Blood Drive in the weeks prior to the donation day. With posters all over the school and in-class announcements, the whole school was made aware. Junior Alexa Rodriguez said, “I never considered donating by blood—I didn’t even know that I could at 16. But, the club’s promotion of the event helped me realize how important it is.”

Junior Ava Wolgamott said, “As an able-bodied person, I felt an obligation to my community and people who need blood to give my own. There’s really nothing stopping me.”

Sophomore Bo Buscarello said, “The donation process is really easy. I would recommend blood donation to anyone who can.” 

The Red Cross Club thanks the Museum Community for their continued support. Uddin said, “We hope to see the same great turnout next year!”