The European League Update

With the major leagues in Europe getting closer to the end of the season it would be quite fitting to do an update on all of them to look at all the title races going on and the surprising teams that are high up.


The English Premier League trophy

Hao Gillooly, Sports Writer

English Premier League

Arsenal currently sit first on the table with 9 points and Manchester City are right behind them with a game in hand 61 points. Manchester City is also facing an investigation as they are suspected of breaking Financial Fair Play rules which could see them have points reduced. The real surprise is Newcastle United who is in 5th place currently. Ever since the Saudi takeover (the club was bought by Saudi Arabian investors who gave a lot of oil money for transfers), Newcastle United has been on the rise and they could reach the Champions League for the first time. However, they have dropped points recently. With this season not over yet this could set up for a title race that could be decided on the final day with Arsenal and Manchester City in close contention. 

The relegation battle however is equally as tense with only a 5 point gap separating 12th placed Crystal Palace and 20th place Southampton (the bottom 3 placed teams get relegated). It is as close as ever so far for who will get relegated this time around. Of the newly promoted teams Fulham is a big surprise sitting 8th at the table while Bournemouth is 19th and Nottingham Forest is in 16th only 3 points above the relegation zone despite signing 30 players.

Brighton is also doing exceptionally well despite them having a new manager. They sit at 7th, two places away from a guaranteed Europa league spot with three games in hand. They have the most games in hand out of any other Premier League team currently. Chelsea, Leicester City, Liverpool and West Ham are all doing quite poorly compared to last season, being in 10th, 16th, 6th and 17th respectively as of now. 

EFL Championship

Currently in the Championship Burnley is running away with the title while Sheffield is 13 points behind them. Sheffield are only 3 points ahead of Middlesbrough with a 15 point gap between first and third. 

Meanwhile, the battle for the third qualification spot is heavily contested as there is only a 12 point gap between 3rd place and 9th place. (Teams in 3rd place to 6th place at the end of the season go to the knockout stage where the winner of that gets promoted). This small gap will likely set up for an exciting battle for teams to even have a chance of getting promotion to the Premier League.


In the Bundesliga currently Borussia Dortmund are leading the table with them being 1 point above Bayern Munich. Right behind them by 4 points though in 3rd is Union Berlin who are having a great campaign so far. Meanwhile Freiburg are in 4th being behind Berlin with Leipzig right behind them.

The biggest shocker of this season so far are Bayern Leverkusen who are sitting at 8th right now despite them qualifying for the UEFA Champions League last season. In fact, Leverkusen are a massive 9 points away from the champions league spot with a 7 point gap between 12th and 16th.

La Liga

In La Liga it is currently a two team battle for the title as Real Madrid and Barcelona have a 12 point gap between them as Real Madrid have dropped crucial points against other teams. There is also a 5 point gap between 2nd and 3rd. This sets up a battle for 3rd and 4th place (these spots ensure qualification to the Champions League) with Atlético Madrid and Real Sociedad currently holding them but Real Betis is not far behind with a 3 point gap. 

There is also a 6 point gap between 18th placed Valencia and 11th placed Mallorca for the relegation battle as of right now. Things are also looking very bleak for last placed Elche having only 13 points while being 14 points away from safety. 


In the Serie-A Napoli have a massive lead with a 19 point gap while there is a 5 point gap from 2nd place to 5th place. Lazio, Inter Milan, and AC Milan hold the other 3 champions league spots with Atalanta and Mourinho led Roma right behind them. 

Roma will be hoping to get into the Champions League this season as they are coming off of winning the Europa Conference League. Meanwhile Juventus is in a complete crisis as they have been deducted 15 points from their tally as punishment for capital gain violations which  puts them all the way at 7th which is 7 points away from the Champions League. The relegation zone, meanwhile, is looking pretty bad for the teams in that position with a 5 point gap between 18th and 17th.

Ligue 1

PSG are currently leading the league being 7 points ahead of Marseille who have slipped and dropped points. Right behind Marseille is Lens only separated by two points who are in the Europa League spot. However right behind Lens are hungry teams in the likes of Rennes and Monaco who are only a few points behind so Lens will definitely not want to drop points if they want to get to the Champions League. There is also a 7 point gap between 17th and 14th.